Rev. Mitch Haubert


Pastor/Teaching Elder


email: mhaubert@brentpc.org


Hooah! That is an official greeting from your new veteran pastor. I have not only served in the pastorate for a number of years, but I also faithfully served our nation in various capacities for almost fifteen years as well. My name is Mitch Haubert. I am a husband, father, pastor, and veteran. But my most important title is Christian. I am a sinful man redeemed and cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ.


After spending several years preparing for ministry and then serving a congregation in Pittsburgh for five years, I can honestly and unequivocally claim the South as my home. As a typical southern boy, manners, social graces, and morals were expected and demanded, but I was far from being a Christian. I attended church randomly, revivals occasionally, and was even dunked one hot August night. My first taste of true religion came after a young man spent six months sharing his life and the gospel with me. After a night of seeking everything the world had to offer, my world came crashing down. God tore down the idols of my heart and broke me. He ripped away everything that was near and dear to my heart. He left me nowhere else to turn. I found myself like the leper in the gospels. I knew Jesus was able to heal and forgive me. So I turned to the One who alone could save me if He was but willing. And my friends, Jesus is indeed willing to save sinners! I cried out for God to save me and He did. In the spring of 98’ Jesus Christ plucked this branch from the fire and I became a child of the Most High God.


The next morning’s scene would prove inspiring and somewhat comical. Try to imagine two college football players embracing and crying in the locker room during morning workouts. There was definitely no turning back after that! On a serious note, I thank God for my friend. God used a faithful young man committed to sharing the good news to save a poor wretched sinner like me.


 Like most new believers, I was “on-fire” for Jesus. I immediately wanted to run off to seminary and serve the Lord in some type of full-time ministry. Not long after that I was baptized and joined the Church. It was at this point I began to grow in my love and appreciation for the people of God. By God’s grace I had several ruling elders involved in my life and each one of them encouraged me to serve the local church and grow in my relationship with Christ. The following years proved to be my “wilderness experience” in which the Lord would grow and prune this vessel. I entered the military as a private and I eventually had the privilege to lead some of our nation’s finest men into combat as an officer. God preserved my life (physically and spiritually) as I experienced the horrors of war, felt the pain of loss, and saw the despair of those without hope.


 Upon my return from combat I was assigned as a TAC (teach, assess, counsel) Officer for the Officer Candidate School at Fort McClellan. It was my honor and privilege to prepare soldiers to serve as future officers in the military. Shortly after my arrival I met a beautiful young lady who changed my life forever. She was serving on support staff as a medic. Our courtship was quite unique. I was attending the Tennessee State Police Academy while Amy was preparing for deployment. We saw each other very little during our first year together. However, our relationship was strengthened because it was built upon the foundation of Jesus Christ. We determined to love one another as Christ has loved us.

 As I served our nation as a citizen-soldier and sheriff’s deputy, Amy served in Iraq as a medic. Half way through her tour she came home on leave. It was at that point, after just a few days of face time, 7 months of phone calls and emails, and 3000 miles of travel we were married. Unfortunately, her leave was only 14 days and we had to say goodbye once again. She finished up her tour and came home 8 months later. It was then we were reunited and began our life together.


 When my wife came home men in my life began to encourage me to reconsider the idea of seminary. It wasn’t something I was prepared to consider because I loved being a cop. I loved the sirens, kicking in doors, deploying my K-9 ‘Robbie’, and I was paid to catch bad guys. What more could a guy want! However, my hesitance was met with a series of events demonstrating God had other plans for my life. I’ve found that God has a way of getting our attention. I read in the Scriptures about Lydia and how the Lord gently opened her heart. Unfortunately, God used a 2X4 on me because I tend to be stubborn. After He got my attention I resigned and we moved to Troy, AL to finish my undergrad and prepare for seminary.


 We began seminary at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. I was exposed to the teachings of Dr. Morton Smith who readily pointed us to the stalwarts of Southern Presbyterianism: Dabney, Girardeau, Thornwell, and many others. Through Drs. Pipa, Smith, and Willborn I became aware of the rich history and theology of the Southern Presbyterian Church. It was at this time I also began to serve in the Army National Guard Chaplain Candidate program. After a few years at GPTS I realized I needed more practical experience. The theology was robust and experiential, but I needed more hands on experience. My pastor and mentor Dr. George Scipione invited me to move to Pittsburgh and help with a mission work in Wilkinsburg while finishing my degree at RPTS. This move to Pittsburgh also led to a call at Providence Presbyterian Church where God allowed me to serve for almost five years. It was a wonderful experience and because of the love and friendship we found among God’s people there, Pittsburgh will always be my second home.

As we begin to share the next chapter of our lives with you I look back and see the hand of God guiding and influencing each and every step. The past few years have been the hardest. In the military I was persecuted for my commitment to biblical Christianity. My ministry among veterans led me to experience my own walk through the valley of the shadow of death. God used pain and sorrow to teach me He is the Father of all mercies and God of all comfort. I can’t explain the pain and tragedy of suicides nor can I articulate what it means to tell a father and mother their son has been killed while serving our nation. Through all the trials, pain, and suffering one thing remains: HOPE. The hope and promise of the gospel grows stronger and our faith is refined. As the Apostle Paul wrote, “it has been granted to you that for the sake of Christ you should not only believe in him but also suffer for his sake.”


In closing, we are excited about beginning the next chapter of our life at Brent Presbyterian Church. We have been encouraged by the strong desire to love and care for one another. I’ve seen the session’s commitment and passion to see the gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed while they faithfully care for the sheep. Thus far we’re overwhelmed with God’s goodness in bringing us to Brent. We’ve longed and prayed for a Church like this for years and God has given us the desires of our hearts! May God knit our hearts together as we seek to walk worthy of the calling which we have received.





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