Allen McKinney


Ruling Elder

email: allenm@brentpc.org



I was born in Brent, Alabama and started attending Brent Presbyterian Church when I was six years old with my parents. Sunday School was something to look forward to every week. I loved hearing about Jesus and hearing bible stories. I was twelve years old when, at a revival service, the Holy Spirit convicted me of the need of a savior and I repented of my sin and was baptized. As a communion member I continued to grow in faith and knowledge of the Bible. As the years passed by I served as Deacon and Elder,  Sunday School Superintendent and teacher, mostly of children.


I have spent all 76 years of my life in Brent, Alabama, where the Lord has blessed me tremendously. I met my wife Tinnie and was married in 1958. We were blessed with four childreAllen & Tinnie McKinneyn (two boys and two girls) who grew up in church and came to know and accept Jesus as savior in their teens. My seven grandchildren are Christians also. God’s grace is so amazing. Tinnie and I will be married 55 years this year.


As I look back on my life, I can see God’s care for my family and me my by providing all our needs, both spiritual and physical. I must admit that there have been ups and downs. Thanks to God’s mercy, however, I always had a job. I was a sales clerk in retail for 13 years, worked as a home building contractor for 4 years and maintenance mechanic for Brent Housing Authority for 28 years. I have been retired for 12 years. As a hobby I have a woodworking shop at home. Bible school and Boy Scout crafts are common projects in my shop.  Praise God for his love, mercy and grace!






912 University Way

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